By means of this page Mr. Rogelio Guillén has been wanting for a call to that can know 
         the whereabouts of the image of the Virgin of the Spider, patron of Bordon, town of the 
         province of Teruel in Spain, that was stole of the parochial church during the Spanish 
         civil war.

             Photos of the image do not exist, 
             but there is a painting in the 
             church that gives a faithful idea 
             of as it is. 

             Data for its recognition: 
             Height: 40 cm 
             Material: alabaster 
             Located on a pedestal of 4 legs. 

             In the feet of the image there is a 
             fabric of spider with a spider and  
             a butterfly finely worked. 

             Our Lady of Portillo in Zaragoza  
             is a stature of very similar 

             Since its disappearance had to a 
             robbery almost 70 years ago is 
             difficult to predict its whereabouts, 
             a museum, a church, a particular 
             collection, etc. 

             Therefore it is requested to who can 
             give knowledge of his whereabouts 
             puts itself in contact with:



             Rogelio Guillén               Tlf.  034934246896

             Eduardo Guillén             Tlf.  034932263948   --  034629729971        ofp@menta.net 

             Thank you. 



Ana Falcó-Jordi_George